150 - Donation to Kiveton & Wales Community Fridge - February 2024

This latest  donation  of £500 has gone to Kiveton & Wales Community Fridge.  This is an amazing initiative, set up in 2022, aimed at tackling food waste and supporting those who might need extra help to access food. Set up by local businesses and people, the Fridge is open to anyone in the community who would like to  donate  food or have access to it. Users do not need to be referred or have to prove eligibility - anyone is free to access fresh food that would otherwise have gone to waste.  As the organisers explained to us, they are not a food bank - their ethos is for people to take what they can use, because otherwise this food would end up in landfill. The food is  donated  by businesses, initially with the Co-op  donating  surplus food from its stores - collected by volunteers every day. From starting with a small area in a local cafe, the Community Fridge has gone from strength to strength in their mission to 'fill bellies not bins' and now have a commercial fridge

149 - A laptop for a lady in recovery - February 2024

This week we are delighted to tell you about   donation   149   which comes in response to a nomination from our supporter at The Greens - a Sheffield based recovery focussed accommodation.   We sent £300 to allow them to buy a laptop & appropriate software for one of their residents. We are grateful to The Greens for nominating this resident and for taking the time to explain how their nomination came about and the positive impact our  donation  has made: Our resident came to us through being homeless with an alcohol addiction, but is now 4 month alcohol and drug free and was asked to attend an on line meeting with some of our other service users, having never done it before the resident decided to pluck up the courage, and surprised herself by staying to the end of the meeting, having never done an online meeting her in her life.  The opportunity then came for us to ask 500Together if they would help with a laptop, as we knew the difference this would make to the resident. She is

148 - A donation to the charity Gambling with Lives - February 2024

  We are back with news of our latest   donation   - number   148 , which is a £500   donation   to Gambling with Lives, a Sheffield-based charity that supports families bereaved by gambling related suicide, raises awareness of the devastating effects of gambling disorder and campaigns for change.  There are up to 496 gambling-related suicides each year in England alone. Our £500 will go towards Gambling with Lives’ work to provide support to families with expert guidance, access to therapy, support through inquests, and events where bereaved people can meet and support one another. For more information see  https://www.gamblingwithlives. org/ Thank you to our member who asked if we might support this local charity and their important work. We will be back soon with news of more  donations .  As always, thank you for your support - and please do keep the nominations coming in.  Without them, we can't get your money out where it could really be making a difference.

147 - Funds to help Darnall Allotment Project after arson attack - Jan 2024

Sadly, at the end of last year, the site of The Darnall Allotment Project had an overnight arson attack and was badly vandalised.     Our member who sent us this nomination told us that The Darnall Allotment Project has been around for over 20 years and involves the local community in a lot of ways. A lot of hard work has been put into it by staff, volunteers and local people and the allotment has come a long way over the years. The garden has now got a large variety of plants, flowers, trees, a wooden sheltered space for people to have gatherings, training or a cup of tea and much more. Darnall Well Being, who we have supported in the past, also uses this space for delivering activities for their Dementia project. The allotment offers a variety of fun opportunities for local people to get involved, including regular Dementia sessions, sowing, planting, growing, composting, seasonal activities such as apple juicing, sitting and telling stories around a fire pit and loads of others. Our

146 - Drier and dehumidifier for family with leaking windows - Dec 2023

  We know Christmas is such a difficult time for so many and we are pleased that with donation 146, we have been able to help a family who are having a really tough time.  Our member told us about a lovely mum she supports who has children ranging from 20-3 years old.  She’s doing an absolutely fantastic job and her kids are testament to that but at the moment she’s struggling.  She was rehoused 12 months ago, as a priority, due to domestic violence and has been really lucky to have got a four bedroomed council property.  Space wise it is great, the problem is the windows are in such a poor state.   When it rains, which it never seems to stop, water pours in underneath the frames in the living room, kitchen and two of the bedrooms.  The window frames themselves are very poorly fitted which causes massive draughts but on top of that most of the windows have large cracks and holes in that the wind just blows through.   As a result of this she has a problem with damp and mould.  The counc

145 - Help to make garden safe for family - Dec 2023

This is a donation of £500 for garden clearance and safety cameras for a food bank client who was recently rehoused with her 2 children. The youngest child is autistic and needs care as he has no regard for safety. The house they have been allocated is great, and she has proudly made the house a home over the last 6 months being very careful with her money and saving up for things even though she has extremely limited income.  However when she moved in, the garden was in a terrible state.  She has had to pay for rubbish removal but she is worried about the children hurting themselves on things she hasn't uncovered yet - there were old bikes and bits of metal everywhere. The food bank are supporting her in applying to the Council for an application for fencing as the garden isn't secure and she has to keep the doors locked and the keys hidden otherwise her son lets himself out and runs to the park, as he has no regard for road safety and she is scared he will get hurt. She has a

144 - Helping Sheffield Shoebox Appeal reach their Christmas target - Dec 2023

This week we have made a festive donation of £500 to the Sheffield Shoebox Appeal. This incredible project is organised by a small team, who work closely with local charities and service providers to provide a bit of Christmas cheer for the homeless, people in hostels, temporary accommodation and safe refuges, and the socially isolated elderly.  They begin in September, asking people to put together shoe boxes full of treats  and luxury items, including hats, gloves, socks, toiletries, chocolates and small games/puzzles.  A lot of schools and community groups support them and in October they open up drop off points to collect the donations together. This year the appeal celebrated its 10th anniversary, but as the deadline for receiving boxes from the public approached, they found they were short of over 100 boxes and were particularly low on boxes suitable for men.   For many of these people, this will be the only Christmas present they get.   When we heard their concerns about not bei